Notes from fruit.0 fans 

Diana T.

May 2013

Great snack. I eat it everyday. Handy to take with you everywhere.

Jennifer B.

April 2013

Great stuff! My kid sucked it down in 5 seconds!!! I appreciate the organic quality

Sharon M.

April 2013

Really nice to have on hand!

Candy S.

April 2013

Bottom line. Keeps longer than fruit and definitely less messy

Michelle M.

April 2013

Tastes great!

Kathleen R.

April 2013

Very tasty!

Mary Jo O.

April 2013

love it to make smoothies

Sveta L.

April 2013

My kids love it. Thank you.

Donna F.

April 2013

Fantastic way to grab your fruit and it's delicious as well

Danielle Brown

January 2013

I love pouches, and this was great. The flavors went well together and it tasted great. Love that it’s organic and fruit only. Good for babies to adults!

Judy Evans

January 2013

Very clean tasting fruity liquid snack. Love that it’s 100% fruit and easy to toss into a lunch, the car or fridge. EXCELLENT!

Laurel Land

January 2013

This is a great packaging idea! I would love to try this in more flavors!

Sophia Chang

January 2013

Very tasty and yummy, easy to eat on the run.

Kathleen Maxwell

January 2013

This was a great on-the-go snack or breakfast, and filling too. It had a great consistency, and any of the healthy nutrients and antioxidants and things, if added, didn’t seem to affect the natural flavor of the fruit at all!

Marcy Davidson Johnson

January 2013

I love this snack! It is great to keep in your purse for a rainy day. Also it’s the only meal I don’t regret eating just before a workout.

Isabella Conner

January 2013

I had never tried any product like this before and had seen these in the stores but had yet to try or purchase. The [packaging] threw me off, but taking into consideration that it was fruit, portable & healthy, I dove right in when it arrived in my box. Silly as it is, I actually had to fight my 4 year old for this. We ended up sharing. It was nice and had a smooth but thick feeling to it with an awesome flavor that makes your mouth water for more. Highly recommend it.

Suzann Witbrodt

January 2013

Great for on the go but much better chilled than warm or room temp. Great idea and so easy to eat.

Nicole Paige

January 2013

My son loved this one so much all I saw was the leftover package! He snagged this as I opened the box and sucked it down. We love the fruit veggie packets already so this wasn’t a big transition. I assume he loved the flavor and texture.

Rae Higgins

Love the portable, healthy, low cal deliciousness!

Allison Tong

January 2013

I love plain yogurt with fruit. Sometimes it’s hard to pack certain fruit in my lunch bag, either bulky or they get crushed. I tried some of the other fruit packages before but they’re either kid flavored or have banana which taste terrible in these packages. This was AWESOME!!! I love the taste. So much easier to carry in my lunch bag too. Would definitely purchase this and other flavors.

Cheryl Roberson

January 2013

Absolutely awesome. Amazing fruit taste. Love for Breakfast and snacking.

Amy Cipolla Barnes

January 2013

My 11 year old son loved this product and ate it as his snack on the way home in the car. While he didn’t realize it was a healthy option, I knew! More importantly, the taste combination and portability made this a great option for lunches and snacks on the go and at home.

Jamie L Brehob

January 2013

I loved the flavor of this product and cannot wait to sample more varieties. What a great snack idea and something I will buy again.

Kaleigh Clunn

January 2013

I love these! I am now addicted. I love packing these in my lunch.

Darrin Breaux
Actually think the mango is amazing!

Nell Adkins

I like pineapple and pear, but not crazy about mango. These are nice “carry” snacks for fruit fix. I also found I could use them for sauces for chicken and pork.

July Pelaez


January 2013

I really like this type of product. I thought the flavor was good. It wasn’t too sweet, which can sometimes happen with these fruit puree kind of products. Overall I would definitely buy these again.

Leanne Catanese

FANTASTIC! DELICIOUS! I would eat these everyday.

Brandy Hudgins
Great product. I would like to use these as part of my breakfast on-the-go.

Valerie Sherbondy
This was good and it was not overly sweet. Tasted natural.

Jennifer L. Smith
Very tasty and I appreciate that there is no sugar added.

Jodi Nace

These are so good!

Melanie Martin

I really liked this product. The texture and taste was really good. It is a good alternative to boring applesauce.

Army Chung
What a cute idea – now we can get our fruits in portable, liquidy form! haha I am partial to anything and everything portable so this was very cool.

Dat Luu

Tastes so yummy…and good for you too!

Griselda Gray

Loved the packaging, less is more.

Jackie Dilworth
Great on-the-go healthy snack!

Del Marie Riley

My very picky teenage son really liked this.

Allyson Johnson

I used this to make a great sauce for some fresh pork I had smoked. Yummy… what a great base.

Lan L.

It is a great, healthy snack to have midday.

Rebecca Andersen

This was a very good fruit pouch product. I buy various brands of pouch sauce products for my daughter and I always taste them too though they are mostly baby foods because I wouldn’t expect her to eat something I don’t like. This I attempted to eat all by myself but when she saw it she wanted to trade hers for mine and once she got a taste she didn’t want to trade back. It is very fresh tasting with out being too sweet. I would certainly buy it again!

Mary Polovinuk
Loved this! Love the convenience of the pouch, the flavors are great. I’d definitely buy this!